Great Taste

Our drinks are perfectly blended with spring water and natural fruit flavours to achieve a hydrating drink that has the consistency of water.

FYX For Everybody

Every human body will benefit from a Collagen boost.  Whatever your gender identity, skin colour, body type, or choice of exercise – FYX drinks are for you.


As the body ages, the natural production of Collagen reduces making skin wrinkle, hair strength brittle and nails weaken. FYX’s Collagen drinks help replenish this and keep your body in it’s best condition.

Low Calorie & Zero Sugar

Finally, a health drink that really is good for you! FYX drinks are low calorie at under 30 calories per bottle and sugar free to prevent sugar crashes.

Muscle Repair

Marine collagen aids the repair process of muscles, joints and ligaments after all types of exercise.

Boosts Natural Beauty

Our high-quality marine Collagen helps replenish hair, skin & nails and keep it in it’s best condition.


The carefully-selected ingredients in FYX drinks contain anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, further aiding recovery and cell regeneration.

Ready to discover the amazing benefits of Collagen for yourself?

2500mg of Collagen

Repairs Skin, Nails & Hair

Healthy & Natural Fruit Flavour

Hydrating & Consistency of Water

Joint Repair

High Source of Protein