Why Collagen

Collagen is known as the glue that holds your body together.

After the age 20 your body’s natural production of Collagen deteriorates by 1% every year creating various effects on your health if not replaced with the nutrients your body needs to synthesize it. 

At FYX, we have created the perfect boost of daily Collagen to help maintain your body and encourage production.

Collagen is one of the main structural proteins that forms the connective tissue throughout your system, making up 30% of your body and 70% of your skin’s natural protein; its properties help repair and restore your skin, hair and nails right through to your muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments.

Naticol® is a type of fish collagen peptides, including dipeptides and tripeptides.
It is produced from high quality raw materials (fish skins) and by
specific enzymatic hydrolysis.

Sports nutrition

Fish collagen peptides such as Naticol® involved in:

• Muscle building

• Joint and connective tissue protection

• Athletic performance improvement

• Skin protection against aggressive environmental conditions

• Anti- oxidant / anti-inflammatory activities

• Satieting effects


Aging of the skin occurs when the epidermis thins, cell renewal slows and collagen is lost or damaged, leading to less moisture, less elasticity and firmness. Contributing factors to skin aging include genes, hormones, UV irradiation, smoking and pollution. All of these factors generate reactive oxygen species that damage the anti-oxidative defensemechanisms of the skin.

Naticol® collagen peptides offer anti-aging solutions in products affordable enough for daily use.

Joint repair

Osteoarthritis is described as a chronic degenerative condition that affects the joints and is responsible for pain, stiffness, impaired movement and quality of life. It is the result of a combination of risk factors, of which increasing age and obesity are the most important. Osteoarthritis is an important cause of disability, affecting more than half of the people aged 65 years or older. It is the most prevalent joint disease.

Regular intake of Naticol® may alleviate symptoms of knee osteoarthritis such as pain, physical function. Naticol® has clinically demonstrated its role as an ingredient in Joint health applications.