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The body can only consume a certain amount of protein at any one time.  Consuming a higher volume of collagen in one dose could disperse into other parts of your body but it it’s more likely that your body will be unable to process the higher volume and remove it.  Other symptoms of consuming a higher volume can also result in feeling overly full, an upset stomach or an unpleasant taste. 

Our collagen is safe and natural however we do not recommend taking marine collagen during pregnancy or breast feeding, this is due to hypersensitivity during pregnancy.  It is recommended to take it after pregnancy to help build up skin elasticity, hair nails and joints.  If you would like to drink one of our products during pregnancy or breast feeding consult with your doctor beforehand.

Usually between eight to twelve weeks depending on the individual.  Age, diet, genetics and other lifestyle elements may have an effect.

Yes, our products are safe to drink as they are sugar free.

Marine Collagen is gluten free but not suitable for Vegans.

Marine Collagen can help boost the metabolism by increasing lean muscle mass when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.  Taking collagen regularly helps increase skeletal muscle resulting in an increased metabolism over time.

Fish collagen is absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently into the body which means it has superior bioavailability over bovine or porcine types.  Fish and bovine collagen have the same benefits, however fish collagen has been proven to work faster to give you quicker results.

When collagen levels are not working at their full capacity your thyroid health can be affected.  Although the link is more indirect and it’s through your gut, the thyroid produces two hormones which are known as T3 and T4.  One of the ways these hormones work is that they help to maintain cellular integrity of desmosomes cells that line the small intestine to keep the barrier strong.  Taking collagen will help improve the barrier of the gut which can help ease thyroid issues.  It is good to incorporate collagen into your diet on a daily basis but we do recommend to check with your doctors beforehand if you suffer with thyroid health problems.