About Us

The FYX story started in 2015 when Theresa began working with industry experts to make a Collagen drink as she had always been interested in a clean and healthy lifestyle, but couldn’t find a Collagen drink that met the demands of her recovery and beauty needs.  Theresa and Andy have shared a close friendship and interest in a healthy lifestyle for over twenty years, so they decided to use both their expertise in launching FYX.

Theresa and Andy have over fifty years of experience at launching brands and growing businesses for other Companies, however they wanted to create something together to help other people’s lifestyles. 

It’s not something that has been done quickly, but has been carefully planned and worked on for several years.  It just so happens that it’s all come to fruition after several years of work and as we enter 2021.

The brand and product are all about taste, quality and the functional benefits of our products.

FYX is a healthy and hydrating collagen drink that has been designed to help your body recover and boost your beauty.

FYX comes in two refreshing flavors:


Rejuvenating spring water that has 2500mg of marine collagen plus a mix of ingredients to help with physical recovery from the inside out.

Lemon & Lime

Hydrating spring water that has 2500mg of premium marine collagen plus a blend of antioxidant ingredients to replenish your body, skin, nails and hair.